Charles Japanese with Megumi 

I worked with Megumi, my Japanese tutor the entire summer of 2021, and I feel that my experience taught me many things. In each lesson, I learned new words to study, read different passages from Japanese textbooks, and did a lot of speaking practice in which we mainly just talked in the target language about our experiences in relation to whatever lesson she taught that day. In my tutoring experience, I had looked for a type of lesson that focused on increasing my writing and speaking skills as well as reading (as I was already fairly confident with my listening). In these lessons, I got exactly what I had hoped. I was given homework for over the week til the next lesson that seemed fairly light, but it was perfect for the more laid back style I had searched for. Now that the summer is over, I have to go back to a slower self-study style, but I definitely hope to learn from her again in the future!